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Home’s environment important for houseplants

By Melanie Mathieson
Gardening Guru

Light, temperature, humidity and ventilation are chief home environmental factors affecting plant growth. Any one of these factors in incorrect proportions will prevent proper plant growth indoors. Before purchasing any houseplant you need to do your research and take a look at your home and its environmental conditions before you purchase.

There is nothing in the budget for the hard working families

By Howie Hampton

When I buy milk at the grocery store, the first thing I do is look for an expiry date. The last thing I want to find out when I open a carton and pour a glass is that the milk is sour and unfit to drink.

Lunyks welcomed to McInnes Creek

By Susan Douglas

The McInnes Chapel Board meeting was held Sunday, March 25, 2007 at the home of Bill & Bev Langner in Dawson Township. Chairman Bob Locking welcomed the 14 people present, to the meeting. New members, Deannie & Clarence Lunyk were introduced to everyone. Clarence grew up in Rainy River and has now returned from Ottawa to retire in Dawson Township.

The Northern Lights

By Al Lowe

Since time began, men have stared at the fantastic dancing lights in the sky, and wondered what they were. ‘Aurora borealis’ was given to the phenomenon by an Italian, Gassendi. It means ‘northern dawn’. The counter-part in the southern hemisphere is the Aurora australis.

Horse news and views

Submitted by Gary Sliworsky
Ag. Rep.

Following is the latest Horse News and Views which is prepared by Dr. Bob Wright, Animal Health and Welfare, OMAFRA, in cooperation with the staff and researchers of the University of Guelph.

I issue you a call to action

By Ken Boshcoff
MP T. Bay-RR

The recent posting on the website, YouTube, of a video clip highlighting some neglected areas in Thunder Bay was shocking to see. As you know, I am a strong advocate for Northwestern Ontario. I always stand up for the best interests of our communities and emphasize the positive rather than focusing on the negative; however, the abandoned buildings and images of decay shown in the video must be seen as a wake up call.

Watching them stretch their wings and fly off!

My youngest son is headed off on his big adventure. He’s completed his degree at university and not ready to begin work, has chosen to travel. In many ways he is following the route his older brother took. However there is a marked difference.

Badminton off a “smashing” start

By Ashley Sharp
RRHS reporter

Last week marked opening day for the Badminton team as they went to compete in their first tournament of the year.
Mr. Salvaterra, Junior team coach, said, “On Thursday March 22nd, the RRHS Owls badminton team set off to Fort Frances to compete in the year’s first exhibition tournament. Overall, the tournament was a great success, with Rainy River holding their own and turning in an impressive showing. Being cheered on by fellow teammates and some eager parents who made the drive, both our Juniors and Seniors proved that they were Norwossa material. For the juniors, Jordan Hansen and Reagan Arnould led the charge finishing 2nd and 4th respectively in the Boys singles division. The Jr. Boys doubles teams shook off some early jitters to send the Muskies packing and place in the middle of the pack. For the Jr. Girls, Rylea Lauzon (single) and the team of Kate Bartlett and Brenley Anderson finished 3rd in their respective divisions Both Jr Mixed Doubles teams (Johnson & Jodoin and McQuaker/ Whetzel) also has an impressive day finishing in the top three.

Growing houseplants is gardening too!

By Melanie Mathieson
Gardening Guru

Many people tell me that they do not have a green thumb or are not gardeners. I always tell them anyone can grow plants successfully indoors or outdoors without some good directions. Others argue that those who grow plants indoors are not gardeners. Well I strongly disagree. I started growing houseplants when I was about 5 years old. I had houseplants long before I ever had my own property where I could plant flowerbeds and a vegetable garden. I have vast experience growing many types and varieties of houseplants as well as working in a greenhouse caring for houseplants. My first badges as a Brownie and a Girl Guide were for gardening and I used houseplants for my projects. So whether you your goal is to grow plants indoors or an entire yard full you can learn many things by starting with just one houseplant. I encourage you to discover your green thumb and call your self a gardener - get a houseplant.

Just another funny shaped duck?

By Al Lowe

I would guess that a lot of people have actually seen this bird, but just passed it off as another funny shaped duck.
Grebes are water birds, good swimmers, divers, and fishermen. They spend their entire lives on the water, after they are only A few hours old. They don’t have webbed feet like ducks, but have ‘lobed’ toes instead. Each toe is swollen and flattened, so the foot is a good swimming device.


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