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Hard work does the body good!

Hard work... it does the body good!

Learning, remembering and teaching

Do you remember camping as a kid and who taught you the skills you need to camp?
Over the weekend I found myself remembering my childhood and the things my dad taught me.

Donated some history on Tuesday

On Tuesday the Record gave some history to the Rainy River Public Library.

Forgetting and remembering

How is that we can forget the simplest of things at times and then remember others from long ago so vividly?

Spring cleaning is now underway!

Spring is a time when flowers come to life, trees sprout leaves and the grass turns green again.

Will new Baudette arena see ours close?

What will the future hold for Rainy River's arena if and when Baudette builds a new $7 million arena?

Another "eating" holiday in the books!

Well another "eating" holiday is over and boy did we eat over the weekend!

Instructions might as well be written in Chinese

As a kid I heard my parents and especially grand-parents refer to anything made in Japan at the time as "Jap Crap."

Finally some relief from winter boots

Boots on the shelf...
Last week I finally found relief when I put my winter boots on the shelf.

Fighting a bad case of camper fever!

I was warm. Then the thought came to my mind.... I should get the camper out of winter storage!


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