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4–H beef club learns about cow calving

Submitted by
Jessica Haw

The Stratton 4-H Beef Club held its first meeting on Thursday, May 10 at the home of Donna and Bud McQuaker.
There are 16 members in the club—Philemon and David Nussbaumer, Kylie Fileccia, Cassie and Jamie Westover, Nolan and Damon Short, Jared and Matt McQuaker, Kevin Gemmell, Myna, Tegan, and Ben Miller, Tyler Nielson, and Mitchell and Jessica Haw.

Legion ladies have busy month

Submitted by Evelyn Bourre
Legion Ladies Aux.

Legion Ladies Auxiliary held their monthly meeting on May 9th with President Hazel Tullett presiding. There were 16 members in attendance. The minutes from the April meeting were not available as our secretary was away.

The mysteries of fertilizer uncovered

By Melanie Mathieson
Gardening Guru

The gardening season is well under way and most gardeners are pleased with their results so far. But what about fertilizing? Well fertilizing your garden is an important task that needs to be done, but it can be one of the most daunting and confusing tasks. This column will take the confusion out of what all of the numbers mean and how to choose a fertilizer to suit your specific needs.

Be prepared for disasters

Submitted by
Ken Boshcoff M.P.

In recent years, we have witnessed both natural and human caused disasters. We have watched news coverage of affected families living on their roof tops to avoid flood waters or hiding in basements during horrendous wind storms. With these images fresh in our minds, we must look at our own preparedness for a disaster to strike.

What can you offer?

By Barbara Miller
RR Ministerial

I don’t know about you, but it seems particularly windy to me these days; and I am not sure why, but lately when its windy like this, images of the Holy Spirit keep coming to my mind.

Spiders have some good points

By Al Lowe

Spiders. Not too many people really like spiders. In fact, an awful lot of folk really detest them. But spiders, like everything else, have some very good points.
The most commendable one is that they eat insects - and insects are our very worst enemies in the natural world. One man estimates that the weight of insects eaten by spiders, in Canada, in a single year, would just about equal the weight of all of the people in Canada. They do away with billions and billions of insects each year.

Do manure applications cause greater weed pressure?

By Gary Sliworsky
Ag. Rep.

When manure is applied to a field it often results in an increased flush of weeds.  The question is often asked whether this results from weed seed coming through the livestock into the manure, or is it a response to the added nutrients.  Although the consensus seems to be that weed pressure increases with added fertility, there are a number of simple principles that will help minimize the risk of weed spread from manure to the field. 

First weekend on the lake yields sore muscles for me

It is now the Monday evening after the first long weekend of he year and the muscles in my back, my arms, my legs are telling me two things. The first is that I am out of shape. The second is that I am getting too old to do the hard physical labor.

4H club meets three times

By Maria Vandenbrand
Pine River 4-H

This week the Pine River 4-H club had 3 meetings. The first one was at Sundwall Gardens on Wednesday. The group discussed how and what plants need to grow and then we got a tour of the green house. The second meeting was on Saturday. We had 3 lessons that day. The first one was “Our Place In The World”. During that lesson the club talked about human resources and made home-made paper. The second lesson was called “Let’s Talk”, where the club discussed communication and played the game “Telephone”, also known as the gossip game. The last lesson on Saturday was “All About Animals”. The club did an animal food quiz and skits about what you need to keep care of different animals. The last meeting was on Sunday but it really wasn’t a meeting but more of an Achievement Program. The club and their families came together for a potluck, gave a little presentation on what they learned and had a quiz on what they learned. Altogether it was a good introduction to 4-H. We are hoping to have a summer session of hands-on outdoor activities.

Have you tried wide row gardening?

By Melanie Mathieson Gardening Guru

Planting a vegetable garden is very rewarding for both the beginner and even the most seasoned gardener. And a garden full of vegetables isn’t that difficult to create.


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