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Real change is possible

By Pastor Mark Mast
RR Ministerial

This past Friday evening I took my family to see the acclaimed Hollywood movie Amazing Grace.
The film opens at the close of the 18th century in Great Britain. William Wilberforce (a junior member of Parliament in the House of Commons) has repeatedly presented bills to eliminate African slave trade, only to have them voted down by his colleagues. Eight years of fruitless effort promoting abolition have left Wilberforce demoralized, discouraged and depleted.

The Ruddy Duck

By Al Lowe

This is a curious little duck, in very many ways. No other is anything like it, nor even comes close.
It is a western species, ranging mainly from southern Manitoba to BC, and north and south from there. There is a fairly good sized population in Northwestern Ontario, and it breeds sometimes in parts of southern Ontario as well.

Preparing for the future

By Gary Sliworsky
Ag. Rep.

In the last year and half we have seen commodity grain prices jump to a level where many can actually see profit. This has been fueled by the tremendous growth of the biofuels industry in the U.S., bolstered by the Bush administrations ambition to reduce reliance on foreign energy. Ian McDonald, Applied Research Coordinator, OMAFRA, wonders where we will five years from now.

Touring Ontario talking about jobs

By Howard Hampton
MPP Kenora-RR

Anybody reading the news out of Queen’s Park can be forgiven for thinking that the only thing that was happening was that the government was on its heels trying to defend its indefensible year-end slush fund.

How to have those veggies first!

By Melanie Mathieson Gardening Guru

Do you remember your parent’s garden from when you were a child? Your mother spent August canning or freezing the peas and beans, corn was ready when you went back to school and the beefsteak tomatoes were picked green before a big frost, in September and ripened in the house. Does this sound familiar? Is this how your garden is producing today? Well things have changed and with some more careful planning you will have better results from your garden and enjoy your vegetables during the summer not the fall.

You can make a “tonne” of difference to the environment

Submitted by
Ken Boshcoff M.P.

In recent weeks, I’ve written a lot about Climate Change and the Government’s role in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to help Canada meet our obligations under the Kyoto Protocol. It is very frustrating to see the lack of progress in reducing these harmful emissions at the national level.

The Flying Squirrel

By Al Lowe

In the spring one year, I was going through my property in Crozier, cleaning out th birdhouses, to be ready for the new arrivals. One seemed to be chuck full of grass, straw, dried leaves, along with some bits of pink insulation.

Assess your stand density now

By Gary Sliworsky
Ag. Rep.

Now is a good time to walk your hay fields and pastures to assess stand density and winter survival.  Following are some tips on assessing your forage stands from Gilles Quesnel, Field Crop IPM Specialist with OMAF.

Pass the job protection act

By Howard Hampton
MPP Kenora-RR

Queen’s Park - NDP Leader Howard Hampton today urged the McGuinty Liberals to bring the NDP’s Job Protection Act to committee and work to ensure speedy passage through to third reading.

Parliamentarians should be given misconduct penalties

Many want to be armchair quarter backs in football season. In hockey season, even more Canadians want to coach behind the bench. And they are ready to do it from the ease of their favorite recliner or from the comfort of their favorite bar stool surrounded by their best hockey buds.


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