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Ken's Korner

It's about money, not the game

I wonder what life is like for the professional athletes making millions of dollars every year?

Together we can get through it

At such a terrible time of loss, it is amazing how tightly small towns are bound together.

A Seeing Eye Master

I have heard of a seeing eye dog... but never a seeing eye master!
As my 14 year old Shih Tzu continues to age his needs from me continue to grow.

Sadly, camping season is over

As I write this I know that for school kids here in Rainy River it is the last day of summer vacation (Monday), and next week my step-kids will make their trek back to school for yet another year.

The Bear Show comes to my house!

Early last Wednesday, at about 3 a.m. a dog barked right outside my bedroom window, making me jump out of bed. I could tell there was an animal across the street but I did not see what it was until 3 hours later when the sun began coming up. It was a big bear.
As soon as word got out that a bear had taken refuge in my neighbourhood, people started showing up. Some came on foot, some in vehicles. Some for multiple passes.

Garden veggies are better than candy!

While so many facets of agriculture will be celebrated at the Emo Fair this week, I was celebrating one in particular this past weekend.
Every year I grow a small garden eight feet by eight feet.

Are we in for an early fall?

Could we be in for an early fall?
Two weeks ago while on vacation my fiancee was stung by a wasp. She learned that she, like me is allergic to stinging insects.

One last hangover at the RR Hotel

Last week the townsfolk of Rainy River gathered for a funeral of sorts. The former Rainy River Hotel was demolished on Main St. and many people attended its last day on this Earth.

Where's that noise coming from?

Ever hear a strange noise and wonder what it was?
Well on Friday evening that happened to me a few times.

Respecting Mother Nature

Often we forget that we are mere mortals living on this world.


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