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Trying to solve the peanut mystery!

I returned home from Bemidji a couple of days early to avoid the storm that was coming on Sunday.

I work for and with good people

As some of you know I was away last week.
While a group of us were busy running the annual alzheimer's dinner in Rainy River two Saturday's ago, my fiancee ended up having emergency surgery.

Everyone deserves praise!

Where does the time go?
On Saturday a group of friends, family and coworkers gathered to work on a dinner to raise funds for a charity.

Coping with the cold winter days

Well we are finally getting a taste of real January weather! Not that I am happy about it, but it is good to get back to reality.

Thank goodness for her brain!

Behind every great man there is even a greater woman!
My fiancee proved this philosophy several times this past weekend.

Bridge toll alone is not enough

Would life be different in Rainy River if there were a toll to cross the bridge again?
It might be if it were as steep as it is in Fort Frances where a round trip costs nearly $10.

Heartbreaking but triumphant!

Die hard Minnesota Vikings fans were glued to their seats Sunday as the team faced the number one team in their division and arch rivals the Green Bay Packers.

Looking back at 24 years on the job

As I sit and write this I am thinking about how many years I have been doing this job.

Spending time with family is priceless

Ho, ho holy it is almost Christmas!
Where does the time go?

Two sides to this weather

Are we in for another mild winter with little snow?
The warm temperatures over the weekend and into Monday had me flirting with camping fever.


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