Letters to The Editor

Demonstrates a lack of empathy and support

Letter to the editor,
I am writing to let you know of my concern that in last week’s paper my cousin’s arrest made front page news.

Your timing was classless

Letter to the Editor:

Not happy with your headline

Dear Editor,

Teachers' Actions "harming students"

Letter to the Editor,

Use it or lose it!

Letter to the editor,

Does not make sense

Letter to the Editor,

Feds defend their record on forestry

Letter to the Editor,
It was with great concern that I learned that Resolute Forest Products is idling its kraft mill and paper machine in Fort Frances, affecting 239 workers and their families.

Just want to clear up some of the facts

Letter to the Editor,
I just wanted to clear up some facts that you noted in the Salvation Army article that appeared in the Record last week.

Very cynical after the process

Letter to the Editor,
I have been watching with interest and disgust, the hoops the accommodation review committee is being asked to jump through.

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