Letters to The Editor

Searching for someone

Dear Editor,
I am searching for the author of a letter that appeared in the Record on Aug. 8, 2009.

Kudos to all the volunteers

Dear Editor,

Very proud of our youth at the RRWT

Letter to the Editor,

Tells us much about our town

Letter to the Editor,
In last weeks poll you asked, “Do you hope the CN Hotel is rebuilt?”

My thoughts on the latest NHL lockout

Letter to the Editor:

Keep fighting polio

Letter to the editor,
Humanity is about to eradicate polio after three decades of continuous efforts to immunize the children of the world.

Another race is in the history books!

Letter to the Editor,
The 10th running of the Great Beaver Cardboard/ Duct Tape Boat Races is in the history books.

Rainy River is such a great place!

Letter to the Editor,
When you visit a place like Rainy River you really appreciate how wonderful it is to grow up in a small town with a sense of pride, history and hospitality.

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