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Letters to The Editor

Sad smoking ban defeated

Letter to the editor,
Ontario’s Health and Service Review Board has put the kibosh on Dr. Sarsfields efforts to put in a smoking ban in the northwest region of Ontario. His opponents, a group of profit minded businesses, called the Freedom of choice Coalition having won, can now continue to have the right to make both their employees and customers alike work or patronize their establishments and breath the cancer causing second hand smoke.

Only good one is the Christian Heritage Party

Dear Editor:
Please let me address the Christian Community as follows:
In a short while, we as Canadians will be asked to vote for a new government. What are we to do?

Centennial Committee outlines costs for the party and their hopes of not running a loss

Dear Sir:
From your coverage of the Town Council Meeting of February 9, 2004, it appears there is some confusion in the numbers reported. I did state that revenues from our registrations and other fundraisers are projected to net us $45,000-$50,000.

Clarifying the facts on DSSAB

Dear Editor:
Re: Article of 10 February, 2004 Titled “Lake of the Woods Reeve Pizey Discovers $600,000 Accounting Error In Our Favour”

Apology to students needed

Dear Editor,
In my past experiences of playing and watching high school sports, I was always very proud to say that our teachers, student body, and most of all our community, supported us no matter what happened on the court.

A teenage perspective

Dear Editor,
Many people in Canada and the United States watched Super Bowl XXXVIII and were shocked when Justin Timberlake accidentally revealed Janet Jackson’s right breast during the half time show Sunday evening.

Great message in Thunder Bay

Letter to the editor,
I recently attended a briefing session in Thunder Bay about the Living Legacy Trust’s new report on Value added forestry opportunities in Ontario, and came away impressed by the Trust’s work. It was a pleasure to see another organization advocating valued added wood products and reiterating the Woodworks! message that the Ontario Forest Industry has almost limitless opportunities to increase the innovative use of wood thereby helping the industry diversify its product mix.

Lindsay does not support Richardson

Letter to the editor,
In the January 13/04 issue of the Rainy River Record, you report that Larry R. Richardson stated that “he has garnered the support of long time NDP’er, Owen Lindsay” for his bid to be the NDP candidate in the upcoming Federal Election.

Gun registry should be shot

To the editor:
 When Prime Minister Paul Martin told a Liberal audience that his government must “have the will to shut down what doesn’t work and the discipline to focus on what can,” you would think he was taking direct aim at the worst of the several billion-dollar boondoggles that took place under his nine-year watch as Finance Minister:  the federal gun registry.  You would be only partially correct.

Having surgery opened my eyes

Letter to the Editor,
Friends will come to the forefront whenever problems as to financial difficulty or health should arise. Surprisingly old friends forgotten for a lengthy period of time will surface to wish you well.


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