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Letters to The Editor

Hampton wants guarantees for seniors in nursing homes

Honourable Tony Clement
Minister of Health and Long-Term Care
Dear Minister,

MPP raise shows government’s arrogance

Dear Editor
Here we are again! As reported by John Williamson, of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Ontario MPPs currently earning $85,240 a year, more than twice the average salary of employed Ontarians, want even more!

Don’t put so much stock in polls

Dear Editor,
In response to the letter that voiced disgust over the 65.8% of respondents saying they “never go” to Railroad Daze, I feel I must point out the fact that 65.8% of the 38 votes amounts to 25 people saying they “never go.”

Stop shirking your responsibility

Letter to the Editor
Is This You?
Why are there so many irresponsible people in Rainy River?

Disgusted by poll results on RR Daze

Dear Editor,
 I was disgusted at the outcome of last weeks on line poll.

Clarification of the facts

Dear Editor:
I would like to correct some information in Milt Guba’s article in your paper last week with regards to the Chapple Lighthouse project now under construction.

Looking for Pinewood UC records

Dear Editor,
I’ve lived away from Rainy River for 25 years and recently started perusing your website.  In conjunction with the 100th anniversary next year, our family is also planning a family reunion - including our extended family of anyone from Sleeman.

I do not share Mr. Mast’s view

Dear Editor,
It has been 12 years since I have left the town of Rainy River, along with numerous friends and family members. By reading the Record I have been able to follow local news and keep a finger on the pulse of a community that I considered to be my hometown. It was with great sadness that I read the recent letter by Mark Mast in which he outlined his opposition to extending the definition of marriage and his general paranoia of a degrading moral society.

Best Wishes from the west

To the folks at the Record:
Just wanted to compliment your coverage of the Great Beaver escapade happening back home. I was sad to see the saga appears to be over, but appearances can be deceiving (at least, one can hope that.)

May God have mercy on us

Letter to the Editor:
Away to go Mark I’m behind you one hundred percent.


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