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Ken Johnston

We work hard to protect our family members. We keep tabs on our kids and other loved ones so that we know they are safe. When they go missing we call for them and for the most part they can answer us.

The in between winter

Ken Johnston

Slippery when wet.
Well that was definitely the case on Monday after rain and melting and a bit of snow mixed to cover the sidewalks and streets.

Why they call it The Super Bowl

Ken Johnston

I was wondering why they call the National Football League championship The Super Bowl?

The mysteries of yellow snow

“Don’t eat yellow snow.”
There are words of wisdom that echo back from my childhood.
Well I have not eaten any, ever, but my dogs have definitely made their fair share of the stuff.

The winter blahs made worse

Ken Johnston

Are you feeling the same way as me lately?
Well if you are longing for spring and for it to stop snowing. This weather is good for only one thing and that is keeping us all cooped up.

Longing for the simpler times

Ken Johnston

The good old days are now getting to be more and more of a memory when it comes to our border.

800 papers and counting

Rain, rain go away and don’t come again

Ken Johnston

I have heard of Christmas in July, but never July in December.
The unusually mild weather in November has continued into December and on Saturday clashed full force with winter weather.

Rediscovering brotherly love

Ken Johnston

Growing up with your brothers and sisters you go through all kinds of things together. You often play games together and sometimes fight over things, that as adults, seem pretty silly.

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