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Is it the March rush already?


What an amazingly busy week!
Traditionally January is a very quiet month and the first two weeks were no exception to that rule.
However, last week I felt like I was in mid March when all the winter activities wind down and I am running from event to another.

Thinking warm thoughts

It never seems to fail. We talk about the weather in the paper and it goes to the complete opposite.
Last week we had a poll in the paper asking people if they thought the cause of the mild weather was pollution.
Bam! Within a day or so the mercury plunged to sub-arctic temperatures and it as stayed there ever since.
Brrrrrrrrr it is cold out there!
It was only day two of the deep freeze and I was already sick of it.
Funny all winter we have had mild temperatures and after one or two days I was already tired of the cold.
But not much we can do about it... bundle up, throw more blankets on the bed at night and think warm thoughts.
That is what my dad and I did on Thursday.
Just as the weather settled in, he received his KOA camping guide for 2007.
We have looked at it twice since then and planned several fantasy trips... one to the badlands and one to Chicago and Michigan.
We also started talking about our annual spring camping trip to Itasca State Park and possibly a few extra trips this year. Heck the more we think about the warm weather the faster it will come... right??
–Until then,

I tried to fly but gravity won!

by Ken Johnston

Have you ever slipped and fallen?
Well with the lack of snow and all the rain we have had it is like a skating rink out there.

Dedicated to Lionel Robert

Ken Johnston

It is amazing how much one minute in time can affect so many people.

Happy Holidays

From my little corner of the world to yours!
–Until then, Ken

Make sure you leave the lights on Wed.

Well it is that time of year again... yes it is Christmas edition time!
Next week we will be producing our annual Christmas edition (the18th one I have been involved with) filled with all kinds of great stuff for you to read.

Zippidy do daw, zippidy eh!

Ken Johnston

Zippidy do daw, zippidy eh!
Well not quite what I had going on over the weekend but I did have a bit more zip than I wanted.

Have to spend some to make some

Ken Johnston

Have to spend money to make money.
I have heard that old adage a hundred times or more over the years. Sometimes people are good at following it and more often than not people are apprehensive about it.

Former Berglandites promote Grey Cup

Did you get Grey Cup fever?
Well there certainly were a lot of people talking about it on Saturday when two local people ended up on national t.v.

Rules can be stretched

Ken Johnston

It seems it all boils down to rules and regulations.
The government says farmers can’t have Sunrise Meats or anyone else process their meat off the farm without the meat being inspected.

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