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Will Harper surprise us today?

Will Prime Minister Harper prove to be a very smart politician today?
He will unveil his first federal budget today and everyone is expecting him to cut the Goods and Services Tax as well as bring in his $1,200 per child care allowance.

I’ll take the blame

It must be my fault... yes you can blame me for the cold blast of Old Man Winter on Monday.
I decided Sunday morning to work the soil in my vegetable garden to see if it was dry enough to plant. Well it was so I proceeded to put the treated timbers around the outside that I use to keep the soil from washing away in the rain and then got my seeds out to plant.

Pain everywhere

OOOOOHHHHH my aching back..... legs... arms....
You name it, it hurt on me come Monday.
I, like so many people ventured out into the world of yard work on the weekend and boy was I paying for it the first of the week.

Lost half the girth in two hours!

Two dogs in one.
That is what many people have said about my Shih Tzu named Navy... especially after they saw the “little” guy late Sunday afternoon.
Navy went on a two hour diet that saw him lose at least half his girth. It was a painstaking process. He not only had to give up his treats but also his food and water for two hours.

Why not make DLST the norm?

What time is it?
I found myself looking at the clock several times Monday and saying it can’t be that time already.

Are you a river watcher?

It looks like our on line readers are pretty keen.
A couple of weeks ago we had a poll asking if people thought the ice would go out early, average or late this year.

Experienced technical difficulties

Well in case you missed it... we were experiencing technical difficulties last week here at the Record.... actually it was at our printing plant, the Fort Frances Times.

Thinking spring to keep warm!

The colder weather on Monday had me wishing for spring to come sooner rather than later.
My dad and I were sitting around the breakfast counter at his place about a week and a half ago saying “Spring is just around the corner!”

Thanks Big John

He touched so many lives in his nearly 80 years among us.
John Sirman has as long as I can remember been a pinnacle of what it means to be part of the community.

March Madness is here!

March Madness is here!
And no for all you sports nuts I am not talking about college basketball.
Every March there is a flurry of activities some through the week, but most on the weekends. Often they come in clusters unlike the rest of the year where often there is only one activity per weekend.

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