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Winter will come,

B Ken Johnston

Is winter finally arriving this week?
Spells of 50+ degree weather in the past few weeks have had everyone second guessing the seasons.

Great deals here and no rat race

Ken Johnston

I went to the city over the weekend to do some carpentry work for my brother.

Seeing the human side of lost soldiers

Ken Johnston

This past week I visited with Asta Westberg in Bergland. I went there to get information for a story on the late Carl Westberg, her brother-in-law.

Halloween full

Ken Johnson

The halloween season kicked off with a spooky lunar eclipse in the week and ended with little goblins and other trick or treaters filling their treat bags and getting the odd trick Sunday.

From the Publishers Pen

–Jim Cumming,

For twenty-five years we have been raking leaves at our home. When we moved to our present location, tall elms graced the yard on three sides.

We need to be better prepared


It seemed like no one was prepared or knew what to do Monday when a gas line was sheared off the Rainy River Clinic by a motorist.

13th CIBC run raises millions for breast cancer

News Release

Sore back and bones


Fall fishing... some say there is nothing like it. On most days I tend to agree.

Blue skies and walleyes

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