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Turning the “Big 4 0” three times!

How many times can one turn 40?
The answer would seem to be once... but in my case it seems like there is no end in sight for the number of times I will turn this week.
On Sunday I had one day left to enjoy my decade known as the Thirties. But the day marked not only the end of a decade of my life but the end of a very trying week with one of my dogs.

CSI Rainy River?

Could there be too much CSI on t.v.?
In the rash of break-ins last week it appeared the thieves were very “neat” in their crimes. Were they experienced criminals from outside the community or ones that may have received an education from the popular t.v. series.

Festive times in the area

What a festive weekend.
Friday evening a big barbecue was held at Darlene Armstrong’s to commemorate her recent 65th birthday and her son Jim’s upcoming 40th birthday (July 16 for you calendar watchers).

The National Park camping experience

The great outdoors...
Over the weekend my girl friend and her kids travelled to Chippewa National Forest just east of Cass Lake to do some camping.
I have never camped in a national park before and when I arrived there I was a bit lost.

Show your Canadian pride this week!

Are you proud to be a Canadian?
This week you have an opportunity to both reflect on what being a citizen of this fine country means and to display your patriotism in many ways.
Many communities across the district are holding events on Canada Day. Some are simple like community picnics and others are more complicated with events going from sun up to sun down, followed by spectacular fireworks.

A culturally enriching and beautiful day

Over the weekend I travelled to Winnipeg to attend my cousin Jay’s wedding.
Now I knew this was going to be a very traditional wedding but I was not prepared to experience a wedding that has traditions going back thousands of years.

Piece of glass beckons a local history lesson

It is interesting that one little paragraph in this column last week generated so much conversation.
It was the following words that started the ball rolling:
“I found a piece of an old bottle. It says on the piece “Drink High Top, bottled in Fort Frances, 10 fl. oz.” But all I have asked about it do not remember what High Top was... soda? beer? Maybe you know?”

A very fun and productive weekend

It is amazing how much a person can get done on the weekend.
After returning home from Winnipeg on Friday with my Uncle Bob and Auntie Linda, the planning process began Friday evening.
Plans for a great many jobs were tossed around, but in the end several big jobs were selected.

Bear with us while we are short staffed

Well for those of you who are close to us at the Record office you know that we are currently short staffed by 1/3.
Our longest serving employee of nearly 20 years, Linda Johnston, has had to take some time off for medical reasons.

Tried to quit even though I never started

Have you ever tried to quit smoking even though you don’t smoke?
Well over the long weekend I had such an experience.
It did not occur until the second full day of our camping trip to Itasca State Park in Minnesota. That was the day after it was 85 degrees fahrenheit. In the morning it seemed as though Mother Nature was unsure what weather front would prevail. The colder one from the north or the warmer one just to our south.


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