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Ken Johnston

It is amazing how much one minute in time can affect so many people.

Happy Holidays

From my little corner of the world to yours!
–Until then, Ken

Make sure you leave the lights on Wed.

Well it is that time of year again... yes it is Christmas edition time!
Next week we will be producing our annual Christmas edition (the18th one I have been involved with) filled with all kinds of great stuff for you to read.

Zippidy do daw, zippidy eh!

Ken Johnston

Zippidy do daw, zippidy eh!
Well not quite what I had going on over the weekend but I did have a bit more zip than I wanted.

Have to spend some to make some

Ken Johnston

Have to spend money to make money.
I have heard that old adage a hundred times or more over the years. Sometimes people are good at following it and more often than not people are apprehensive about it.

Former Berglandites promote Grey Cup

Did you get Grey Cup fever?
Well there certainly were a lot of people talking about it on Saturday when two local people ended up on national t.v.

Rules can be stretched

Ken Johnston

It seems it all boils down to rules and regulations.
The government says farmers can’t have Sunrise Meats or anyone else process their meat off the farm without the meat being inspected.

Some replies on the toilet seat debate

Ken Johnston

Well I thought there would be more of a flap over my Toilet seat column last week but I only heard from two people and they are both colleagues.

The great toilet seat debate

Ken johnston

The great toilet seat debate... well maybe it is not that great... but it is a subject I have been meaning to address for some time.

Your guess is as good as theirs!

Ken's Corner

Was the weather last week a sign of things to come? Or just a blip on the radar of what has generally been an amazing year weatherwise?

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