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1,000 pound rumour

My how the rumour mill has changed but yet stayed the same over the years.
We all know the exercise. Sit in a circle, whisper a story to the person next to you and then have them do the same to the next person and so on. Then the last person tells the tale and amazingly it has changed quite a bit from the original story.

Life without pit stick

Have you ever gone on a trip and when you got there realized you had forgotten something?
Well that happened to me on the weekend when I went to Winnipeg.

Sleep? What sleep?

I guess I need to switch to a night shift job.
If it is not the wild cats fighting it is the train whistles polluting the night with noise.
Well Monday night I had trouble getting to sleep and when I finally did the cats were at it again and then it seemed like a dozen trains went through town blowing their horns.

Time moves quicker with age

My how fast kids grow up.
Last Wednesday 24 students graduated from Rainy River High School and one of them was my little brother Marty.

Maybe cats need to be licensed to

It may not be the cat’s meow for cats, but something has to be done.

I don’t know what it is like in your area of town, but at present there are at least a half dozen wild cats roaming my neighbourhood.

Strange things happening!

Ken Johnston

Ever had one of those weekends where strange things happened to you?
Well I definitely did this past one.

Welcome to the jungle!

Welcome to the jungle!
I don’t know about your yard, but everything in mine has grown so well this year it is getting to be a bit like a jungle in places.

A big “Thanks” to you all who help!

This week I found myself reflecting on how many people are constantly helping us put the paper together each and every week.
Obviously our front line staff members, Linda Johnston and Anne Mailloux’s efforts are very evident every week. However, there are many, many of you who contribute regularly and do so happily.

A case of the heebie jeebies

BUG OFF!!!!!
Now where does that saying come from?
We usually use it when we are annoyed with someone.

Great weather and no bugs!

What a contrast in weather over the weekend.
From two inches of snow on the ground Friday morning to scorching temperatures both Saturday and Sunday.

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