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Oh Christmas tree, what art thou?

Oh Christmas tree... ooops I mean Holiday tree.... no I mean Oh spruce tree.... no what do I mean?
Last week Nova Scotians proudly sent a huge tree to Boston just like they have every Christmas since the Halifax explosion of 1917. The gesture was one of gratitude for the help sent from the United States to that community.

The mouse that thought he was a dog

If you pay attention to detail like I do, you would know how frustrating something can be when it mysteriously is out of place.
Last week my dog’s food bowl suddenly changed in appearance.

Almost ready to spark up the display

Decorating fever hit my house over the weekend.
I put up a few sets of lights about a week ago but really did not sink my teeth into it until this past weekend.

Suffering from time change lag

I think it is almost worst than jet lag.
Every year the change back to standard time sends my body clock for a loop.
I feel draggy for a few days as I try to adapt to the changes.

Was Halloween cheaper in the 70s?

In a study release last week 81% of Canadians will be spending $1.1 billion on Halloween this year.
That is a lot of moola!

The art of making potato dumplings

It was an interesting weekend to say the least.
After eating something I probably should not have I ended up with my mouth getting all infected where I had my wisdom teeth out three weeks prior.

Help us do you right!

Why should you shop at home?
Money spent locally tends to stay local. One study showed that every dollar spent at home recirculates an average of seven times.

Fall colours are magnificent!

Did you do what I did on Sunday?
I took a drive to have a look at the fall colours up and down our highways and country roads.
It is so amazing that something that is dying can be so beautiful.

A real pain in the mouth!

No pain no gain!
That saying is definitely true when it comes to getting one’s wisdom teeth removed.
Last Wednesday I went under the knife in Winnipeg in an effort to get rid of the constant pain I had been experiencing most of the summer.

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