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Railroad Daze will not be moved

Ken Johnston

I am not sure who was having more fun at the Rec. Board’s annual slowpitch tournament finals Sunday evening.
The players of the two teams were having a pretty good time but so were the hecklers all of which worked very hard to get the goat of several well know players.
Those players, Don Gall, Kirk Wood and Jim Chorney really took the heckling well and even played it up for the crowd.

Remembering the glory “daze”

Ken Johnston

18 years ago the Chamber of Commerce launched an annual festival that would soon become the party of all parties in the region.
Rainy River Railroad Daze was held for the first time, on the third weekend in July of 1988. No one at the time knew just what to expect but it soon became an annual event that everyone looked forward, both here and from abroad.

What a “crappy” reason to party!

Ken Johnston

What is an outhouse?
By traditional definition one would think it is a structure located over a hole in the ground that one uses to relieve themselves of number one and two.

Awesome Canada Day eh!

Ken Johnston

What a great Canada Day!
The weather was fantastic. There were people in the park just about all day and both the parade and fireworks were worth the watch!
I hung out with my niece and a couple of other kids most of the day in the park, bipping in and out of events all day with the camera to get photos for the paper.
The event was well attended and everyone seemed to be having a great deal of fun!

Thanks for the support

It was a very tough week for my family this past week.
Saying goodbye to my grandfather, Martin Grinstead, was an experience that is still hanging onto me.

We miss you already Grandpa Martin

Ken Johnston

It seemed like it happened so quickly...
On Sunday morning my Grandpa Martin Grinstead passed away.
Just last week he walked over from the RR Long Term Care facility to my parents’ house. He was sharp and spry and indulged in a piece of cherry pie... one of his favourites.

There once was a man named Ken

Ken Johnston

No matter how he tried he could only be in one place at one time.
Sometimes that frustrated him and more often then not it frustrated the Record’s readers.

Rain, rain go away...

Ken Johnston

Are you all wet with depression? Or feeling a bit cooped up and stir crazy?
Well you are not alone!
Just about everyone I have talked to this past week has had it with the weather.
One guy even gave me heck for checking my rain gauge the other day. “You probably just love this weather... checking your gauge like it matters.”

A bad case of sturgeon burn

Ken Johnston

I have never had a burn as bad as “Sturgeon Burn.”
Last Monday my buddy Jim Armstrong and I took his boat down the Rainy River a little ways to do some walleye fishing.

Thanks George! Its been a great run!

Ken Johnston

It took nearly 30 years but over the weekend I closed a chapter in my life that I have been interested in ever since 1977.
On Saturday I went and saw Star Wars III, Revenge of the Sith.

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