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Ken's Korner

RRWT is perfect just the way it is!

Ken Johnston

What an amazing event we have going every September in Rainy River.

There was so much excitement in and around the tent all weekend it was hard not to get a high off of it.

Anaphylaxis is as scary as it sounds

Ken Johnston

Anaphylaxis.... say that fast five times.
Saying it is not nearly as scary as what it is... or so I discovered on Friday when I went to the doctor.

Watch out for back stabbers!

Ken Johnston

What a way to end a camping trip... getting stabbed in the back!
No it is not what you are thinking a person did not do something behind my back to hurt my feelings... I literally was stabbed in the back.

Do not adjust your set...

Ken Johnston

While we do not see that as often on television like we did a few decades ago when technical difficulties were almost as common as commercials, it does pop up from time to time.

Where did 18 years go?

Ken's Korner

What is your best guess?

It definitely feels like fall is just around the corner.
The cooler winds this past week have that signature feel and smell of fall about them. And some of the trees have started to lose their leaves
My garden is just about done at least a month early this year.

Learning about the birds and bees...

Have you ever learned about the birds and the bees and the butterflies?
No this is not going where you might think.
About five years ago my mom bought me a magazine on perennial gardening. I never really thought it would amount to much... but later that year I dug up my front yard and started a perennial garden.
I had my successes and failures and am still learning about what grows well (besides the weeds) and what does not.

Late July, opposite of late January

Hot! Hot! Hot!
Has it been hot enough for you?
Temperatures pushing 100 degrees Fahrenheit plus some humidity and it is the exact opposite of what we complain about in late January.

Hiding from the big Four-O!

I remember being 20 and thinking that 40 was old.
This past Sunday I got a year closer to that milestone... I turned 39.
Over the course of the past week I contemplated whether I should mention my upcoming birthday to people I know. Thinking that maybe if few people knew about it they might think next year is 39 not the Big Four O!

1,000 pound rumour

My how the rumour mill has changed but yet stayed the same over the years.
We all know the exercise. Sit in a circle, whisper a story to the person next to you and then have them do the same to the next person and so on. Then the last person tells the tale and amazingly it has changed quite a bit from the original story.


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