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Ken's Korner

The town deserves credit for building the dike

I have heard an emergence of skeptics coming forth since the initial danger of flooding passed about ten days ago.

The true spirit of family

It is often said that families only get together on special occasions or perhaps to mourn a loss. But last week the Rainy River family got together in a way that I have only seen once before; during the flood efforts of 1997.

Wrath of Mother Nature

Be careful what you wish for!
I have heard that saying many times over the years and in the past week or two I have heard many people wishing for rain.

Memories are priceless

I hate to sound like a credit card commercial but here goes.
Dress: $300
Tuxedo: $150
Hair & make up: $100
Stretched limo: $200
Flowers: $100
Dinner: $100
Photos: $50
Memories: Priceless!

Portage system stupidity

If you made the trek north on Lake of the Woods to fish for trout on Whitefish Bay in the past two weeks you either travelled north of the Aulnea Peninsula to launch or across it via the new rail portage system.

Smoke-free for 21 days

This week the public will be given a chance to voice their opinions about the town of Rainy River going smoke free.

Alive and well

Volunteerism is definitely not dead in Rainy River and neither is the community’s affinity for it’s Community Centre.

Death and taxes

Two things come to mind as I sit down to right this column; death and taxes.

Troops shortchanged by the government

There has to be a better way to protect our own soldiers from friendly fire.

Late thaw was a blessing for fishery

The late ice out on the Rainy River this year was a welcome sight for many who have felt like spring would take forever to get here.


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