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Letters to The Editor

Bring back the spring bear hunt

In answer to the ever-so-popular question, what should we do about our nuisance bears?

Why is the US fishing season open

Letter to the editor,
I am writing this letter for all the mad fishing loving residents of Rainy River. Why is it that the residents of Minnesota are able to fish on the same water as the residence of Rainy River a week earlier.

The problems with jet-skis

Letter to the Editor
As summer nears, I’m again challenging the federal government to deal with safety and environmental problems that personal watercraft — also known as jet-skis — are causing on many lakes and rivers.

What are they smoking in Ottawa?

Letter to the Editor
“What in blazes are they smoking in Ottawa?”

Masonic lodge to celebrate its centennial

Letter to the Editor;
As the town of Rainy River moves to its centennial year, we in the Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons are celebrating ours with you. Free masonry has been serving society and the world in general for over three thousand years of recorded history, but only one hundred in this town.

Canadian vets support U.S. war efforts

Dear Editor,
In two World Wars, Canadian and American troops fought side-by-side.
In that relations with the States are a bit touchy these days, perhaps veterans should weigh in with some sobering thoughts.

Really enjoying the Beaver Story

Dear Editor,
My name is Dee Lopez and I am Wayne McCarthy’s daughter.

Reduce tax burden on airlines

A heartfelt thanks

Evelyn Jodoin, 79

Evelyn Jodoin passed away peacefully in her sleep on Friday, April 4, 2003 at the age of 79.


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