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Letters to The Editor

Willing to come from Winnipeg to help

I spoke to my brother Jim last night and just read your articles on the flood threat to my home town. I’m trying to keep up to date on the situation so that I can make a decision on whether to come and help with the flood fighting.

Hats off to the people fighting the flood

I am writing from Fort Frances which as you know is only an hour away, but it seems like across the world in a time like this.

Thanks for flood coverage

I would like to thank the Rainy River Record for their up to date flood coverage. It was so nice this morning to go on Internet and find the news that the waters have started to recede...

DWI refusals costing a lot of business

June 10, 2002
Honorable Denis Coderre
Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
Dear Minister Coderre:
Our organization, along with the Northwestern Ontario Tourism Association (NWOTA), Northwestern Ontario Municipalities Association (NOMA) and the Northwestern Ontario Association of Chambers of Commerce (NOACC), has had ongoing discussions on a problem which is having an extremely negative economic impact on our region.

US farm bill is about politics

Dear Editor,
All things being equal, the free market system can take care of itself and direct government interference only prolongs the death of an inefficient organization. However, it is a government’s role to foster an environment where all things can be equal. Canadian farmers need a Federal government fighting for the creation of a fair marketplace in which the US honours its Free Trade commitments.

Efforts by NWHU go too far

Letter to the editor,
This is an absolute disgrace.
I realize that it is unfair to non-smokers to have to bring their children into a smoking area, but on the same hand, it is unfair to us smokers to be discriminated against for a habit that is very hard to overcome.

Better ways to teach your pet

The subject line of my email is a statement that I am trying all media to think about. My reason is simple, “Who is at fault when a dog turns on a child, a mentally challenged person hordes cats or an animal is abandoned when the owner does not know how to care for it?

Smoke-free bylaw best way to protect workers

Friday, May 31, 2002 is World No-Tobacco Day and the Healthy Communities Coalition is saying that the citizens of Northwestern Ontario have much to celebrate.

Please remove those old ribbons

Would the people in the Morson & Bergland area please remove those disgusting yellow ribbons (from the reunion of 2 yrs ago) from the roadside before the fishing season opens?

Morning show host sends regards

It’s been a month since I have been able to keep you company Mornings on Lake Country KQ92.


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